Stacey is the author of Manalicious, a World of Warcraft blog about mages, guild leading, and heroic internet dragons. She is a freelance artist/illustrator who likes digital painting, making tiny Sculpey figurines, and drawing with Staedtler pigment liners (0.5, thanks!) She also enjoys writing, reading a wide variety of books, video games, and baking things for other people to eat. She lives with her husband Vosskah and a large silly chocolate Labrador Retriever named Rufus.

Mike wrote the World of Warcraft blog Orcish Army Knife. He loved delving into Warcraft lore, investigating intriguing but overlooked characters, and coming up with crazy predictions about future storylines. He was a journalist/graphic designer by trade, and loved the number 13, the color purple, and Transformers. He was also a wombat.