It’s an exciting day for From Draenor With Love! After nearly two years of making this comic, we felt we were ready to tackle some new challenges.

What does this mean? Our name is staying the same. The comic will still be about Rades and Vid. It will be an ongoing story from week to week. The format will be less static four-panel and more graphic novel. I also made some changes personally, going back to my roots a bit as it were to ink the comic by hand rather than entirely digitally. Over the time we’ve been doing this the art has changed a fair bit – sometimes it worked, and sometimes (in my opinion) it worked less well. It’s really helped me as I grew into what it meant to do a weekly comic strip consistently. I also think that Rades is an incredible writer and moving in this direction is going to really showcase his talents.

Our website may also undergo a bit of an overhaul and we’re hoping to implement a more user-friendly archive system. Thanks for your patience, we’ll do our best not to break anything terribly important. In short, I am really psyched about the upcoming FDWL! I hope that if you’ve read the strip awhile you will follow along as we change it up and enjoy the changes!