This comic will probably make the most sense to you if you are a mage, and/or if you have been a mage’s victim in this scenario. I have personally tallied my Blink kill count at probably four people. With Antigen it involved a rocket boots incident, with Itanya, we each headed the wrong way. With Thracks it was completely an accident, and with Ibra I swear I thought I saw Jasper Overload and was so excited I could break the chains.

“Rise up, mages, you have nothing to lose but your chains!” I cried and blinked away. Alas, it was Jade Overload and Ibra died almost instantly. I cauterized and kept on DPSing, secretly relieved to not have to chase a melee around the room any more.

I owe credit to Snack Road for use of the phrase “sad melee,” which indeed they must be, because no melee can be a mage, and that is a sad thing indeed.

(p.s. I did this comic on my own while Rades was out of town, the first time I’ve ever done a comic “by myself” but not really because we scripted it beforehand. Someday I will go out of town and make Rades draw the strip, too!)