It may come as no surprise to you that I absolutely adore a good pun. And, I say with absolute shame pride that this is a true story, upon hearing of Mists’ Glyph of Fireworks.

Judging from how people on Twitter reacted, I think Vid’s reaction in the last panel is one many people can relate with. What can I say? Those moments are just too funny. In fact, when my D&D group gets together to play, I have a private goal to produce at least one huge pun/groan moment each session.

As for this glyph? I assume it’s just for fun, but if it has any sort of smoke flare/location marking capacity, I’ll be quite excited to try it.

Or! Maybe it just makes your ranged weapon shoot off fireworks every time you shoot, so you’re just a walking explosion of streamers, rockets and dazzlers. That would be AWESOME.