Hey, he IS a Prophet, after all. Also, I just need to point this out while Rades is gone: Orcs are currently on the very naughty list.

But the idea of Velen as Greatfather Winter and the faction leaders as little kids was actually all Rades’, so you can’t accuse me of bias in this case. We agreed that it even makes sense, when you think about it – to a draenei who is thousands of years old maybe the rest of us would seem like children.

This is the first strip I’ve ever done as a water colour painting, which means it actually exists as something physical! I had a lot of fun doing it, though I doubt it’ll become a regular thing. For the demands of a weekly strip, digital is the most expedient way. But we wanted to do something a little special for the last strip of 2012. We wish you all the best in the new year, thank you for reading and your continued support!

-Vid & Rades (From Draenor With LOVE)