I totally get the Darkspear Rebellion, the disruption of the Kor’kron war engine, the stealing of valuable resources for the upcoming siege on Orgrimmar. That all makes sense. And if we have to take out a few Kor’kron Commanders or Goblin Mercenaries while we’re at it? Sure. No argument here.

But the workers? What did they ever do to us? They’re just laborers! Red-collar working-class civilians. They’re just doing their 9 to 5, cutting up meat, chopping down trees, and suddenly we fly in on our giant cosmic dragons, beat ’em up, blow up their machines, and then take all their stuff.

And you know what makes it even worse? The cost of all that lumber and oil probably comes right out of their paychecks, because I strongly suspect they’re not unionized, and I tell you, that stuff cannot be cheap.