Hey, this feels familiar, doesn’t it?

Anyway, WE’RE BACK! /blows kisses from amidst a sea of fluttering rose petals

The time off has been good to us and we’re ready to leap headfirst into all the exciting new 5.2 stuff! Let’s just hope we can remember how to do this comic thing! (Confession, it took me nearly 10 minutes to remember the WordPress login info.)

Now yes, we know that Heart of Fear is technically old content now, but we had this script in the queue and we can’t just WASTE it! (Unlike the brilliant Blackwing Descent/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover script that will never see the light of day, instead sitting lonely, neglected and discarded way at the back of our pile of potential comics.)

And I mean…come on. A pun strip, AGAIN? No-brainer! And yes, this really is a trttue, extremely common occurrence that our respective raid teams are forced to endure on a regular basis. If only you could all be this lucky!

(Also, I was able to send this image to Vid as a reference shot for panel 4, which is reason enough in itself.)