Well, it finally happened: Vid’s drawing arm fell off. Like, literally, just sketching away and plop! it’s a scene right out of the Undercity. It’s all good though, she’s out talking to Mekkatorque right now about a steam-powered mechanical replacement. She says it’s no big deal, but as a veteran engineer, I remain skeptical.

But joking aside, the unfortunate reality is we’re starting to feel a bit of burnout, and there’s been some real-life commitments that are rearing their unavoidable and time-consuming heads. (Our very own Y’Shaarj!) After some thought, we decided it would be best to step back and take a brief breather to recharge our creative batteries. From Draenor is a creation of love (hell, it’s in the name), and we have a lot of fun coming up with jokes and art each week that – we hope! – make you smile. The last thing we want to do is get to the point where the comic feels like a chore, or a burden. Or even worse, like WORK. We want you to enjoy it, but we have to enjoy it too!

So we’re going to take it easy for a few weeks, get caught up on some real-life projects or long-overdue blog posts, and wait for our cooldowns to come back up. And when we return, we’ll hope to get right back into the swing of things! We’ve got stuff in the queue about the Scarlet Crusade, about Heart of Fear, and of course, more of our most beloved character, Garrosh. And there’s all those juicy new 5.2 goodies we haven’t even LOOKED at yet!

(One word: DINOMANCERS.)

Anyway, that’s the status update. Thanks for understanding! We’ll see you in a month!

~Rades & Vid

edit: Buglamp has…volunteered to fill in while we’re away. We’re touched, Bug. We don’t know what to say. No, seriously, we don’t know what to say.