Whoa, whoa, where did 2013 come from? It totally snuck up and [Ambushed] us when we weren’t expecting it. We’ve both been a little busy the last few days with RL travel, festivities and the ever pleasant-but-emotionally-draining family visits, but we’ll be back on pace next week with new stuff!

Also, I don’t know if we’ve ever mentioned this, but we’re always open to ideas and suggestions! Many of our strips are inspired by actual conversations or experiences we’ve had in-game, so if you come across something that you think we absolutely should know about, let us know in a comment, or tweet us at @fromdraenor! No guarantees, of course, but we’ll certainly take a look!

As for resolutions? Well, I’d like to joke about how I intend to keep throwing Garrosh scripts at Vid until she screams, but it’s going to be pretty hard NOT to do this when he’s such an integral lore figure right now! We work with what we are given, and what we are being given is GARROSH GARROSH GARROSH.

Big G aside though, I’m going to try to be better at answering comments! We really do appreciate you guys, especially if you take the time to leave us a note, so expect more frequent responses from here on out! Let’s chat! 😀