Suddenly, heroic raiding guilds start prowling the Warcraft fan art forums for recruits.

(And how long would it be before Razer released a special “Gaming Tablet” for the truly hardcore?)

I’m really glad someone else in my guild handles the Celestial buffs on Twin Consorts. I’ve glanced at the constellation diagrams/paths once or twice, and immediately came to the conclusion that it was something I completely and absolutely never wanted to do.

And that’s just on normal! I’m quite surprised the heroic version of that fight doesn’t rely more heavily on the Celestial buffs, or make the buffs harder to acquire, with longer or more complicated paths.

Can you imagine the poor player who’d get shackled with the awful job of endlessly tracing an intricate 200-point diagram of Yu’lon for the entire fight? And then once they finish, they have to immediately start in on the entirely-different Xuen or Niuzao constellations?