I knew from folks spending time in the beta that Dragonwrath had a new feature. Yet after 5.0.4 went live, it still scared the bejeebers out of me the first time she talked out loud. I tend to keep my volume up pretty high!

I don’t actually find Tarecgosa annoying in-game, I like the occasional interjections (but I have my sound turned down so low now that I seldom hear all the things she says. But we thought that this feature had a lot of potential when carried to its eventual conclusion.

I’m going to miss my Dragonwrath when it becomes obsolete very soon. It’s earned a permanent place in my overstuffed bags! Consider this comic a last homage to a legendary after the previous one.

(Aghh I can’t believe Mists is only a week away! The next FDWL you see will be post Mists launch!)