The most difficult thing about this comic is that I had to stop playing “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” long enough to draw it.

If you’re not familiar, ACNL is a kind of life simulator game for the Nintendo 3DS that has been sweeping through the WoW twitter community like a wildfire. I played an earlier Animal Crossing title on the Gamecube back in the day. In terms of gameplay it’s pretty basic: Grow/harvest fruit, plant flowers, laugh at things your neighbours say, fish and catch bugs, dig up fossils, design clothes. I suspect for many of us who play Warcraft pretty devotedly, it’s a welcome change of pace (hint, the pace is very slow and peaceful). The best thing about ACNL, though, is that you can visit your friends’ towns very easily. Of course, this comes with certain pitfalls.

Some of us very carefully organize our towns. We keep our flowers watered and try to coordinate the designs of things.

In the case of Rades…not so much. Hey, I’m not saying he’s WRONG, there’s no wrong way to play any game… I just think there are better uses for a floor than bulk storage! I’m not the only one who noticed, too, because one day I saw a tweet from @thingwhatwows. She said, “Rades! Pick up your room!”

I actually have it on good authority that his guild banks in Warcraft look much the same. Because you never know when you’re going to need 400 stacks of Thorium Ore! Or a mountain of turnips, for that matter.