I wasn’t actually sure how Rades intended to end our little odyssey. Needless to say, my jaw dropped when I got this far in the script. It’s great for him, though, because he gets to show his mad genius! Vid, who has no compunction about blasting a rocket straight into Ironforge or any other environs, is a little uneasy when it comes to FrankenWinter. But ultimately, she decides that it’s better to let a cyborg version of Greatfather Winter do all of the Winter’s Veil stuff – so that she and Rades don’t have to.

Please note, no lore characters were harmed in the creation of this comic. This comic is not canon. Greatfather Winter is probably still alive and well and hawking sausages for the Smokywood Pastures people. But maybe he has a cyborg eye too… You never know, after all, have you ever actually seen him? 😉

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you, whichever might be applicable. Have a safe and fun New Year’s! Thus concludes our first story arc here. Please let us know what you thought in the comments, if you have a moment. Feedback will help us guide the comic’s direction as we move forward. See you in 2012!