Please read this page carefully, as it explains what data is collected from you and in what ways it is intended to be used, as well as what rights you are giving up by submitting that data.

  1. Definitions
  2. Third-Party Services
  3. Rights Assignment
  4. Data is Public Facing
  5. Information we collect from you directly
  6. GDPR
  7. Explicit Third-Party Sharing
  8. Intended Audience (No Children)
  9. Cookie Policy


Third-Party Services

Our hosting provider is Github by Microsoft. It is potentially possible that they collect information about you passively, such as an IP address.

However, we do not explicitly share any information with them except in the case of a comment submitted by you (see below under “Information we collect” and “Explicit Third-Party Sharing”)

Rights Assignment

By submitting your comment, you are granting us a perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free license to reproduce that content on our website, We are not obligated to do so. You further grant us the right to modify that content to comply with any law, legal agreement, or standards that apply to us, or as we reasonably believe necessary to comply with any law, legal agreement or standards that may apply to us.

(Simply put: We can’t guarantee that we’ll take it down, our website could be viewed from anywhere, and we don’t owe you money for publishing your comment; we don’t have to publish your comment; we are allowed to edit your comment if we believe its original form may be considered illegal, hateful, obscene or otherwise a problem for us)

Data is Public Facing

Please note that all data you provide is for the purposes of publishing comments and thus should be considered public information.

Although we do not store, see, or use the original form of your e-mail address, we do use a cryptographic hash of that address, and we do share the original with Heroku.

Because all data is explicitly public, the notes about explicit third-party sharing on this page should not be considered in any way a limit on where your data is seen.

Any or all users of this website are able to see all data you have provided, with the exception of the original form of your e-mail address.

(Simply put: We’re collecting your comments so we can publish them. That means anyone can see them, and we don’t and can’t control that. While we don’t expect the particular info we collect and publish to be a big problem, you should be aware that we ARE intending to publish it.)

Information we collect from you directly

As a philosophical stance, this website collects no information except information you voluntarily provide, in the form of a name/alias, an e-mail address, a website link and a comment.

We store the name, website link if you provide it, and comment, and these are published and made available to all users of this site, along with a cryptographic hash of your e-mail address.

Your e-mail address is cryptographically hashed (that is, transformed into a unique identifier that is no longer a valid e-mail address, via a one-way process). We store, use, and publish only this hash, not your original e-mail address, which we never see directly.

(Simply put: We don’t want information from you and we collect just enough of it to associate people with comments so we can have a conversation.)


We collect this information only in order to publish it as comments on

This data is stored and processed on systems outside of the EU.

We do not intend to delete the data after any particular time (that is, we intend to keep it perpetually).

While we explicitly share the information only as noted below, it is publicly available and we can make no guarantees whatsoever regarding who may or may not collect, view, or store it.

(Simply put: If you are covered by GDPR, this is information you should know regarding the natural limitations of your rights given how we intend to use the data you submit to us)

Explicit Third-Party Sharing

If you submit a comment, we use the following third-party services, which have their own privacy policies and terms of service, and we share the following information you have provided with each of them:

(Simply put: These are the four organizations we intentionally give your information to; what information we give them, and why.)

Intended Audience (No Children) is intended for and directed to an adult audience. We do not want nor do we intend to collect any personal information from any child. By submitting a comment, you represent that you are above the age of 13.

Except for as noted above in Explicit Third-Party Sharing under reCAPTCHA, this site by design uses no cookies.